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Evangelism - Myers Mott Maggay Linthicum        

Theology - Past and Present

Christians Supporting Community Organizing (CSCO) Member Writers 
Call to Healing, Faith and Political Power, (and pdf) The World as it Should be, (pdf), Jesus is Caesar, Jesus and Paul on Mission, Evangelical AsceticismEvangelism and Social Action, Paul's 8 Uses of Power

Evangelical, Holiness & Pentecostal Founders and Leaders
Finney on Revival, Finney on Social Reform, Luther LeeBarton Stone, John DowieAimee Semple McPherson, C. RansomJonathan Blanchard, Catherine Booth, Phineas Bresee, Alexander Campbell, Phoebe Palmer, Charles Parham, B. T. Roberts, Orange Scott, A. B. SimpsonAmbrose Tomlinson, E.C.NorrisC.H.Mason, Amanda Smith, Bishop Turner, William Goodell, Beecher, Cairns

Contemporary Evangelicals Speak
Kingdom Strikes Back, Strive for Justice, Justice Points, Cultural Commission, Religious Right, Evangelical Heritage, Social Justice, Transformation, Reign of God, Restoration, Evangelical Theology, Justice, Spiritual Warfare, Kingdom Views Confronted, Get Involved, On Environment, On the Nation, Evil & Justice, Wesleyans, World, Poverty End, Pentecostal Fellowship,  Transform Society,
Hispanic Justice, Puerto Ricans,

On Evangelism and Justice
Personal Testimony, Kingdom Evangelism, 19th C Evangelism Changed, Task of the Church, Evangelism and Social Action, Evangelism in Acts, Conversion and Kingdom, Kingdom of God, 19C Lost Justice, Social & Political, Task of Church,   Clarence JordanSpiritual Warfare, Sphere of Action, Evangelistic ModelControversy, Compassion, reign of God, individuality, Advocacy Ministry,

The Emerging Church Movement

Generous Orthodoxy, Secret Message of Jesus
On Social Action
, Kingdom of God, Authenticity
In a Consumer Society, Kingdom Now, Social Action Required
Justice, Hope, Danger, Know God, Just Hope

Reformed Evangelicals
Reformed Politics, God the EconomistOn Kingdom
Church and Class
On Conversion, Church Mission
Naming the Powers
Use of Power, Confronting the State,
Jesus and Justice, Amaziah & HispanicsChurch History

16-18th Century Evangelical Leaders
William Wilberforce, John Wesley
Calvin on economics
, and on civil government,  
William Ames
Philip Spener, Johannes Althusius

Early Christian Theologian
Augustine's Two Cities, and on morality, Clement of Alexandria, Origen on government, Thomas Aquinas
Isidore on Justice, Scotus on Kingdom

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