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 Evangelicals and Utilitarians - Cairns

"It is the hope and prayer of the author that this discussion of the social impact of revivalism in England will alert Evangelicals to the responsibility which they have as citizens of earth as well as of Heaven. If some are made aware that they have a horizontal orientation of love in action toward their fellows as well as a vertical orientation of faith toward God for personal salvation the author will be satisfied. If the Evangelical believes in the Second Advent of Christ, participation in social change should lead neither to a blithe optimism that social reform will create Utopia nor to a paralyzing despair concerning a perishing temporary world in which the Christian mistakenly thinks that his only responsibility is to prepare his own soul for the coming of Christ. Instead the Christian will realize that his task is to 'occupy' socially as well as personally until the Lord does come. (signed March 1960 by EE. Cairns, Wheaton, Ill.)

"Nowhere and at no other time can such a large body of refosrms be credited to any group as the social reforms which were brought about by the leadership of the Clapham Sect and their loyal evangelical and Dissenter supporters in both the clergy and laity. The study of these reforms, the strategy by which they were put into effect, and the spirit which was behind them can be of great value to contemporary Evangelicals. (p. 43) ... 

"The evangelicals wanted reform because men were spiritual beings who were actual or potential sons of God, while Utilitarian Bentham and his followers wanted reform because men had dignity as rational creatures. Bentham emphasized reason and utility based on the greatest good to the greatest number. As long as the efforts of the Utilitarians were directed to the good of men, the Evangelicals would co-operate with them temporarily for a common good end without in any way giving up their religious principles. Evangelicals and rationalistic humanitarians co-operated in the common service of humanity." (p. 154) 
Saints and Society, by Earle E. Cairns, Moody Press, 1960. 

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