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Preaching Tips on Controversy


1. Become aware of the news behind the headlines. ...

4. Examine historical collections of sermons that have dealt with the disturbing news of their day.

5. Remember the call to preach the Word of God even when that word is uncomfortable to hear.

6. Incorporate the news in your preaching in different ways ... examples or illustrations to interpret scripture.

7. Controversial situations in the news may require advance preparation for the congregation before preaching.

8. Develop strategies so the preaching will reach all the demographics within the church.

9. Grow into the role of the congregation's head teacher.

10. Read and listen to opinion and commentary in print and electronic media. Discover techniques and patterns of communication ...

12. Consider using a Web site and e-mail to extend the life of preached messages ...

13. Engage members of the congregation to take action to alleviate the suffering of victims described in the news ...

14. Provide preaching and congregational activities that lay the foundation for faith responses for future crises and news that disturbs.

15. During a time of crisis, reflect on the pulpit as a place for group pastoral care and group spiritual direction rather than for theological discourse.

16. Be honest with your feelings when preaching during a time of disturbing news of crisis ...

17. Refrain from stating reasons for a tragic occurrence or using theological cliches.

18. Do emphasize hope for the future and God's covenant of love and presence.

19. Plant seeds for forgiveness and reconciliation as a way of living even during crisis ...

Excerpts from a summary of PREACHING PROPHETICALLY WHEN THE NEWS IDSTURBS by Sudrey Borschel, Chalice Press, 2009, p. 99-100.


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