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N.T.Wright on Evil and Justice  

"We are called not just to understand the problem of evil and the justice of God, but also to be part of the solution to it. We are called to live between the cross and resurrection on the one hand and the new world on the other, and in believing in the achievements of the cross and resurrection, and learning how to imagine the new world, we are called to bring the two together in prayer, holiness and action within this wider world. ... Let us focus on encouraging one another to work toward that new world we are promised, in which the earth shall be filled with the knowledge and glory of God as the waters cover the sea. And let us encourage in particular those who have the God-given gifts to show us that world, to inspire our imaginations, so that we may the more readily and gladly believe in and work for all that God wants us to attempt and accomplish. ... (128-9)

"Whether we are dealing with international relations or one-on-one personal relations, evil must be named and confronted. There must be no sliding around it, no attempt (whether for the sake of an easy life or in search of a quick fix) to pretend it wasn't so bad after all. ... (133)

"It isn't that the cross has won the victory, as there's nothing more to be done. Rather, the cross has won the victory as a result of which there are now redeemed human beings getting ready to act as God's wise agents, his stewards, constantly worshiping their Creator and constantly, as a result, being equipped to reflect his image into his creation, to bring his wise and healing order to the world, putting the world to rights under his just and gentle rule. A truly biblical ecclesiology should locus not so much on the fact that the church is the community of the saved but that the church is the community of those who, being redeemed through the cross, are now to be a kingdom and priests to serve God and to reign on the earth. Our fear of triumphalism on the one hand, on the other hand our flattening out of our final destiny into talk merely of 'going to heaven,' have combined to rob us of this central biblical theme. (139)

N. T. Wright, Evil and the Justice of God, Intervarsity Press, 2006.

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