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Pastor Roberts on Transforming Society

"There is not a single area of life or society that God does not want to transform and bring hope to. As followers of Christ, we are to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God and engage society so it can see kingdom principles lived out in our individual lives and communities. Although I'm not a postmillennialist theologically, I love the fact that Edwards, Whitfield, and many of the earlier preachers believed they had a responsibility to prepare the church, the bride, for Christ's return. That meant they had an active role in establishing the kingdom here in society. 

"Today the prevailing theological wind toward society is 'us against them.' The assumption is that things are going to get wo4rse and worse and worse until Jesus returns - so what's the point? Why do anything to help society at all if it's all going to pot anyhow? What a pessimistic view! That's totally opposite of what Jesus told his followers. He told them to be ready, be busy, be watchful - time if short. ...  

"So, if the kingdom is comprehensive, is global peace possible? If I didn't think it was possible, I'd give up! Do I think perfection and sanctification this side of heaven is possible? No. However I want to keep doing all that I can and grow in my faith and in the image of Christ because that's the will of God. His kingdom is all about that. If I reject the world, I reject his kingdom, and I'm supposed to be part of establishing his kingdom on this earth. When Jesus instructed us to be salt and light, there was never a question in his mind that it wasn't possible - he expected us to be."

from Glocalization, by Bob Roberts Jr., Zondervan, 2007. Roberts is founding pastor of Northwood Church in Dallas

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