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CSCO's Most Significant Passages

     Christians Supporting Community Organizing believes that the Christian church is called to work to change systems toward a greater degree of justice. We believe the best means to work on this among powerless groups in the United States is church-based community organizing.  We believe that the Bible mandates the church to organize powerless people so they become strong and powerful. 
     Every movement has special verses. The Mott tanslation of Leviticus 25:35 entails empowering the poor rather than providing charity. Nehemiah organized a great assembly in order to target the local oppressors.  Organizers see this story as parallel to their "actions" when large meetings are held and demand are presented. Ezekiel provides us with a breakdown of society into the political, economic, religious, prophetic, and people. These verses below emphasize this part of the church's mission often forgotten. The number after the dash (-) signifies the number of the study or reflection. 

Genesis 1:26-30
     Theology one - 22-3, two, three - 1, four
     Bible Study one - 3

Leviticus 25:35
     Reflection one - 6, two, three, 
     Bible Study one -4
     Theology one - p3&24, two - p12, 

Nehemiah 5:1-13
     Theology one p24-5, two

Ezekiel 22
     Theology one - p3-5, two
     Bible Study one - 2, two - 3-7

Matthew 25
     Theology one, two, three
     Bible Study one -4
Luke 4:16-30
     Theology one - p7, two, three
     Bible Study one - 1, two - 3

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