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Christians Supporting Community Organizing Announces Release of

Building A People of Power              Now available in 6 sets with special price for Set 1 of 5 sessions - only $45.00 plus $10 shipping. The entire set of 27 sessions now only $300 plus $10 shipping. Click here for details.

An Interactive DVD Series   

  • Consider this series if you:
  • Want to work for substantial systemic change in the world,
  •  Want to learn what the Bible says about working for systemic change.
  • Want to see why this kind of action is central to the gospel and to spiritual warfare.
  • Want to build strong, godly communities seeking public justice AND personal righteousness.
  • Want to powerfully impact your congregation's, students' or Christian group's faith and practice.


"Building A People of Power" helps Christians, congregations, student populations and other ministries learn to work from a biblical framework for substantive systemic change in the world. People discover:  

  1. A biblical analysis of how their city's or country's economic, political and values-setting systems use their power to either empower or to exploit the poor and middle-class; 
  2. the biblical dream of the "Shalom Community" (or the "reign" or "kingdom of God"); 
  3. biblical principles of how God's people can successfully work both for public justice and personal righteousness; 
  4. biblical models showing how God's people can bring about dramatic transformation in their city's or country's systems and structures, as well as in people, through broad-based organizing; 
  5. A practical introduction to philosophies and methodologies of community and broad-based organizing.

Dr. Robert Linthicum, president of Partners in Urban Transformation, is principal teacher of the course. Mr. Mike Miller, director of ORGANIZE Training Center, and Mrs. Marilyn Stranske, national organizer of Christians Supporting Community Organizing, also share in the teaching. Interviews with CSCO members as well as faith-based community organizers and leaders appear throughout. Film clips from PBS documentaries, from faith-based organizing projects in action and from Matthew: The Visual Bible illustrate the teaching materials.


The consortium developing "Building A People of Power" includes: Christians Supporting Community Organizing, Denver, CO; Eastern College, St. Davids & Philadelphia, PA.; The Needmor Fund, Boulder, CO; Northeastern Seminary, Rochester, NY; ORGANIZE Training Center, San Francisco, CA.; Partners in Urban Transformation, Los Angeles, CA. (Exec. Producer); Procla-Media Productions, Colorado Springs, CO, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY; Southern California District, the Assemblies of God, Irvine, CA; Vanguard University of Southern California, Costa Mesa, CA.; World Vision International, Monrovia, CA., MARC Publications; Youth With A Mission School of Strategic Missions, Colorado Springs, CO.

Ways to Use the Course

     In distance (non-formal) education. Already approved for use by major mission agencies -- YWAM's School of Strategic Mission & World Vision Internat'l's distance education program.

     In academic studies for graduate and undergraduate levels of credit. Currently in use in higher education settings.

    In churches, community organizations, mission agencies and other Christian organizations. The facilitator's notebook includes instructions for these less intensive, more informal uses by dividing the course into six short-term modules of three to six sessions each, running 45 to 90 minutes in length.


The "Basic Packet" includes 14 DVDs and one copy each of the textbook, the Student's Workbook and the Facilitator's Handbook and is available by credit card now at $300 plus S&H of $10 - Total $310. Click PayPal.

CSCO, P.O. Box 60123, Dayton, OH 45406; email: cscocbco@aol.com phone: 937-277-7102

website: www.cscoweb.org



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