Set 1:    "The World As God Intended It to Be and As It Actually Is"  (5 sessions)      $45

What are God's intentions for our world? Let the Bible speak for itself.

Set 2:    "What Did Jesus Really Come to Do?"  (Sessions 6-9)                                       $55

                         Dr. Robert Linthicum leads in considering Jesus' own statement found in the four gospels. 

Set.3:    "Building A Church of Power" (Sessions 10-15)                                                             $75

                This set examines the Bible's mission call to God's people.

Set 4:    "Building Relational Power" (Sessions 16-18, 21)                                                           $55

                Stranske and Miller teach concrete strategies the church can use to impact community.

Set 5:    "Using Power to Turn Things Upside Down" (Sessions 19-20, 22)                            $65

Strategies and tactics of relational power used by Paul, Jesus and Moses.

Set 6:    "How to Develop Powerful Leaders and Build Values" (Sessions 23-27)                 $45

                The church must also form strong community and church leaders.

Entire 6 sets - Save $40 and get all the above - former price was $500.                                   $300

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