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 Educating the People of the Mission

“Leftists often criticize the broader Alinsky tradition for ‘not having an ideology’ and for ‘not taking positions on’ the public policy issues of the day. These criticisms persist. From the left, the implication is that community organizing is reformist rather than revolutionary, or that it is not anticapitalist or explicitly socialist. From liberals, it tends to mean that community organizers do not take the kings of policy positions that are typically debated by candidates for public office or developed in policy think tanks. …

While each disagrees with the others on content, they all share some common assumptions about how education is to be accomplished: it would be dispensed to members by those who know why something is the way it is, what has to be done to change it. This isn’t much different from what is assumed in most school curriculums: a teacher who knows more about the subject tells students what to think.” (180-1)

A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER'S TALE by Mike Miller, Berkeley:Heyday Books, 2009. CSCO believes this is the best book on organizing. Miller has been with CSCO for many years.

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