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The Myth of Community Control

“It was on the issue of community control that the radical nationalists were most critical of the organization. … It sought negotiated agreements with dominant political and economic institutions. … the centrist and liberal nationalists simply wanted their piece of the pie ,,, and the system, under pressure, could respond to that. The radical nationalists wanted not only to have a modified fair share of the pie, but to determine the ingredients that made it up, who the baker would be, and how the baker, the bakery workers, and the consumers of the pie would bake, cut, and eat it. 

Government policy and the ‘free market’ can be influenced by the collective action of large numbers of people lobbying, voting, negotiating, boycotting, striking, disrupting, or otherwise using tools available to them to affect policy. … But ‘community control’ was not one of those tools.” (174-5)

A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER'S TALE by Mike Miller, Berkeley:Heyday Books, 2009. CSCO believes this is the best book on organizing. Miller has been with CSCO for many years.

Difficulties of Organizing

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Community Organizing Today

Defining Organizing


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