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Memorizing Verses

How to make Memory Cards - 1) Print out verses and front on the front and back of card stock (or paper and then xerox copy on card); 2) Cut where the lines end on all four sides; 3) Then cut verses along the dotted lines; 4) Divide the verses in the three categories (God's Witness, Justice Theology and Shalom/Peace); 5) Put rubber bands around each set.

How to Memorize with cards - Start with #1 of the series - then #2, etc. Say out loud the Bible reference, then the verse, and again the reference. This way you will remember where the verse is found in the Bible. All verses on our website are from the NIV translation. One exception is Leviticus 25:35 translated by Stephen Mott (see 5th study)

God's Witness - These eleven verses start with our salvation to work for justice for the least using power from God. We are called to stand firm, be shrewd, proclaim, expose, confront, deal, and testify. All can be actions of faithful witness through faith-based community organization.

Justice Theology - You will note that justice theology divides society into three categories - economic, political and religious (values). These verses start with God's intentions, humanity's sin, and social reconciliation.  Ezekiel provides us with a division of social systems into political, economic and religious. This fits realistically our nation today if we broaden “religious” to include values (such as are found on television and its ads).

Shalom/Peace – It means more than no war. True shalom brings peace, wholeness, and justice. These specifics (prosperity, safety, government, guidance, health, employment, and nature’s harmony) can assist community organizations in knowing what specific issues they should tackle to bring a greater degree of justice in their community.

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